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Chlorine and other cancer-causing chemicals are present in municipal water and you absorb more when you shower than when you drink it? Chlorine also accelerates aging and makes skin and hair rougher and older-looking? Nobody needs to accept premature aging when it can be prevented.

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Your body requires you to consume about 2 litres of good water per day? And that fruit juices (especially from a can or bottle) don’t count towards that intake while coffee, tea and alcohol actually count as negative intake?

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Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from cell-phones, Wi-Fi, Computers and even alarm clocks cause cancer, fatigue and other health problems? Children are much more at risk to EMR exposure than adults? EMR sufferers in Sweden can claim full disability allowances?

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Having hard water means you need to use more water, more shampoo and more soap and more softeners? And that means not only wasting money but also harming the environment?

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Your daily shower can be either rejuvenating (i.e. life-enhancing frequencies being infused into your cells, unblock your meridians, remove toxins etc) or merely refreshing depending on the water used?

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The AquaVita Energizer series of products (Showergizer and Watergizer) can help to neutralize the harmful effects of chlorine and EMR, help delay aging as well as soften your shower water to help protect the environment and improve our children’s future?

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BioTech Connect Pte Ltd is based in Singapore and focuses on wellness solutions using advanced technology from Germany and we are very excited to bring the AquaVita Energizer series of products to you.

The population of the world is becoming increasingly unhealthy. There are increasing compromises with the air that we breathe, the food that we eat and the water that we drink, much of which is beyond our individual control. But there are still some important health choices left to us and each of us can benefit from knowing more about some key health problems (articles) and their solutions (showergizer and watergizer), so we can make informed choices for the benefit of our own health, our family's health and for the health of the planet.

Wherever you are in the world and whatever your present health situation, we strongly believe these products can improve your state of energy, harmony and general well-being.

Our belief is backed up by scientific reports and testimonials from around the world and we look forward to being of service to you and your family (with the showergizer and watergizer products), your company (programs), your business (resellers), your environment (save the earth) and by ordering any product from us, you are helping to provide clean water to children who otherwise might not have such access.

Thank you in advance for joining us on our journey to help improve individual wellness and the planet ... improving one life at a time, because after all: LIFE IS PRECIOUS.

We hope you will contact us now.
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We are pleased to offer programs for our clients for a number of different industries and business types. If your business is not included in those below, not to worry, please email us and let us provide some ideas for you to differentiate and improve the bottom line of your business!

Corporate Wellness Programs
Any business or Government office where employee welfare is a concern

Absenteeism. Low productivity. Employees’ poor health. Sick building syndrome. Low morale. High attrition. Low retention.

All these have become major problems and cause unnecessarily high operating costs, running into billions of dollars every year.

It is therefore hardly any surprise that the more forward-looking employers have decided to invest in Corporate Wellness programs of various types.

Based on the AquaVita Energizer technology with Life-Enhancing Frequencies, we are privileged to offer services to businesses (and government offices) to support the well-being of employees and the bottom-line of businesses.

Please feel free to email us and let us share some refreshing ideas with you.

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Spas & Wellness Centre Programs
Day-spas, city-spas, resort spas, any spas or wellness centres where water is used as part of a therapy

From olden times, all true healers (including religious leaders) have advocated and practiced the use of energized water to infuse life-enhancing frequencies into our bodies and right into our cells.

Indeed, the original spas were all based on water treatments and even today, the experts have also told us that a spa is not really a spa unless the water is ‘living’ (energized). Simply being ‘pure’ (free from contaminants) is by no means enough.

Most spas nowadays (especially those in the city) no longer even incorporate the use of water into their range of therapies. If they do use water at all, they tend to use whatever water is at hand (i.e. from the tap) without proper consideration about its ability to provide health benefits or even to prevent health problems. Such water, although free from contaminants, is unlikely to be ‘healthy water’ and might even be dangerously chlorinated, leading to potential health problems and even lawsuits.

The AquaVita Energizer series of products can neutralize the harmful effects of chlorine and energize water in one simple step.

If you own or operate a spa (especially in the city) and would like to differentiate your spa favourably by offering some original healing therapies based on energized living water, then please email us -- we will be pleased to assist you to rejuvenate your spa business.

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Housing Developer Programs
Developers of houses, condos, offices, any buildings plus architects, designers, even feng shui masters

Personal and environmental protection should be everyone’s concern and like many, we were moved to reinforce our actions following the global Live Earth event on 07.07.07 and again most recently when Al Gore (the global champion of climate change, along with others) won the Nobel Peace Prize.

No building developer today can reasonably in good conscience ignore environmental issues and the smarter ones are even turning this ‘threat’ into an opportunity.

In addition to the many wellness benefits of the AquaVita Energizer series of products ( showergizer and watergizer ) there are specific characteristics which can help to neutralize the harmful effects of chemicals in water, soften water for a more pleasurable bathing experience and reduce the harmful waste water which current showers and bathing produce.

In future, we anticipate that the technology underlying the AquaVita Energizer units will become the standard for new environmentally-conscious and customer-focused housing developments. Maybe even a legal requirement in time to come. But a moral requirement right now!

Why wait, when you can get ahead of the curve and differentiate yourself NOW?

Feel free to email us -- we will be pleased to assist you to discuss options.

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Pre- and Post-Natal Care Centre Programs
Expectant mothers, new mothers, new-born babies, even fathers, all need good water at these important stages of life

Just like playing Baroque music to an unborn child has shown to improve cognitive learning skills as well as an improved personality, so the AquaVita Energizer products can provide a number of benefits to both mothers and their babies, both in the womb and in the early part of their lives.

By showergizer and watergizer the AquaVita Energizer water every day during pregnancy and the early period of motherhood, you will be giving your own body and that of your child, all the benefits that the AquaVita Energizers offer to all our customers (see testimonials) and the best chance of a healthy pregnancy and of post-natal harmony for both mother and child.

Feel free to email us -- we will be pleased to play a part in bringing another healthy life into this world because, after all, LIFE IS PRECIOUS .

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Gyms & Sports Centre Programs
Athletes, bodybuilders, runners, joggers, weightlifters, personal trainers

Athletes need constant hydration. And ordinary consumption of ordinary water will not do. The water that athletes need must be extraordinary, both in terms of quality and quantity.

Most gyms provide a water dispenser but is that water really suitable for an athlete? Mostly not. The water is often distilled or artificially mineralized and almost certainly unstructured and in short, not likely to be ‘healthy water’. In other words, your body has to work harder to absorb it into your cells, where it actually needs to reach. And it might even be dangerously chlorinated, leading to potential health problems and even lawsuits.

And after a work-out, taking a shower in chlorinated water can be even more harmful.

"Up to 2/3 of the harmful effects of chlorine are due to inhalation and skin absorption while showering."- The American Journal Of Public Health

Both the showergizer and watergizer units in the AquaVita Energizer series can neutralize the harmful effects of chlorine and the watergizer unit can re-structure drinking water and produce many wellness benefits … all in one simple step.

If you own or operate a gym or a sports centre and would like to differentiate your centre favourably by offering the healing properties of energized living water, then please email us -- we will be pleased to assist you to rejuvenate your gym business.

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