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Chlorine and other cancer-causing chemicals are present in municipal water and you absorb more when you shower than when you drink it? Chlorine also accelerates aging and makes skin and hair rougher and older-looking? Nobody needs to accept premature aging when it can be prevented.

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Your body requires you to consume about 2 litres of good water per day? And that fruit juices (especially from a can or bottle) don’t count towards that intake while coffee, tea and alcohol actually count as negative intake?

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Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from cell-phones, Wi-Fi, Computers and even alarm clocks cause cancer, fatigue and other health problems? Children are much more at risk to EMR exposure than adults? EMR sufferers in Sweden can claim full disability allowances?

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Having hard water means you need to use more water, more shampoo and more soap and more softeners? And that means not only wasting money but also harming the environment?

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Your daily shower can be either rejuvenating (i.e. life-enhancing frequencies being infused into your cells, unblock your meridians, remove toxins etc) or merely refreshing depending on the water used?

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The AquaVita Energizer series of products (Showergizer and Watergizer) can help to neutralize the harmful effects of chlorine and EMR, help delay aging as well as soften your shower water to help protect the environment and improve our children’s future?

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BioTech Connect Pte Ltd is based in Singapore and focuses on wellness solutions using advanced technology from Germany and we are very excited to bring the AquaVita Energizer series of products to you.

The population of the world is becoming increasingly unhealthy. There are increasing compromises with the air that we breathe, the food that we eat and the water that we drink, much of which is beyond our individual control. But there are still some important health choices left to us and each of us can benefit from knowing more about some key health problems (articles) and their solutions (showergizer and watergizer), so we can make informed choices for the benefit of our own health, our family's health and for the health of the planet.

Wherever you are in the world and whatever your present health situation, we strongly believe these products can improve your state of energy, harmony and general well-being.

Our belief is backed up by scientific reports and testimonials from around the world and we look forward to being of service to you and your family (with the showergizer and watergizer products), your company (programs), your business (resellers), your environment (save the earth) and by ordering any product from us, you are helping to provide clean water to children who otherwise might not have such access.

Thank you in advance for joining us on our journey to help improve individual wellness and the planet ... improving one life at a time, because after all: LIFE IS PRECIOUS.

We hope you will contact us now.
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"The molecular structure of water is the essence of all life." - Albert Szent Gyorgyi, recipient of Nobel Prize for discovery of Vitamin C


"In the industrialized world of today, "living", energetically charged water is a rarity. In our drinking water supply systems, water is exposed to the detrimental energetic effects of straight unnatural water pipes, high mains pressures and chemical treatments. Water is not allowed to move in its naturally winding way thereby causing loss of life force. Negative energetic imprints from chemicals, such as fertilizers, pesticides and sterilizers remain in the water, even after physical removal of such substances."

-   Dr Wolfgang Ludwig &
Prof. Jacques Benveniste

The AquaVita Energizer Series – A Brief Summary

Once in a while, a technology emerges which is truly revolutionary, not like anything seen, felt or heard of before. The AquaVita Energizer Series is such a technology.

There are currently two main applications in the series, with more in the pipeline. These are:

  • The Showergizer – The Energized Shower Therapy Unit
  • The Watergizer – The Energized Drinking Water Unit

The core for these applications is infused with life-enhancing frequencies which resonate close to the frequency of the earth and the human body and are therefore healing frequencies. This breakthrough waveform technology is developed in Germany and is among the most advanced technology in the world which can’t be copied or reverse engineered.

See individual product pages (showergizer, watergizer) or FAQ for more about the products and the technology. The benefits can include:

  • Increases energy
  • Freshens food
  • Strengthens organs
  • Improves concentration
  • Saves money
  • Cellular rejuvenation
  • Inactivates chlorine
  • Protects cells
  • Balances chakras
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Improves sleep
  • Boosts immune system
  • Unblocks meridians
  • Inactivates EMR
  • Simple & convenient

Each application, the core is encased in attractive polished metal finishing. This is high-grade stainless steel (for Showergizer and Watergizer units) and high-grade aluminium (for Pendant) for practical, functional and aesthetic reasons.

The technology has been tested for its effectiveness and evidence collated using scientifically accepted tests performed by qualified professional organizations in Germany, the USA (using GDV system), and Singapore (by SGS, world-leaders in testing and verification). Click here for a summary and here for the full reports.

Additionally, there are testimonials from many satisfied users who have experienced very positive results including some of those listed on our benefits page.

The units are suitable for every person in every situation without restrictions or any side effects and each unit will remain effective for years without further cost or maintenance.

Apart from each individual at home, these products are great for spas, gyms, corporations, housing developers, restaurants, cafés, pre-natal centres etc.

Last but not least, this advanced technology is friendly towards the environment so is valuable to any individual or organization planning to ‘go green’.

We invite you to explore our FAQ or contact us to place an order or to partner with us as one of our re-sellers.


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